Magazine Design

Magazine design was my first love. There, I said it. I have always been attracted to it—in Cape Town, South Africa, then in Jerusalem and now in New York. I love the flow from page to page.
To me it’s pure magic.

Magazine Cover Design

Ahh the cover. A good cover is a synthesis of ideas, suggestions, thoughts. It’s crawling through creative loops and leaping off imaginative heights. It’s a culmination of everything. It’s simple. It’s brilliant.
And it zings.

Brochure and Poster Design

When I hear the word brochure my mind is already flying. What mood do I want to transmit? Harmonious or discordant colors? Dramatic or calm? Striking or subtle? Photo shoot or existing pics? It’s a close relationship between client and designer.
It’s got to have zest.

Nursing Home Design

Designing for a nursing home is almost like an out of body experience. People once vibrant are now tethered to wheelchairs. People once independent are now hanging onto others for every need. It’s a world that was. We come there – photographer and I – and tiptoe around them. We talk. They laugh. We have a wonderful time. At the end of the day we have vibrant shots that just jump off the page.
What a privilege.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is a whole different animal. Ideas fly and change course. Just keeping up is a challenge. Focused? What’s that? You’ve got to grab it all and jump right in because at the end of the day it’s you soaring on their wings.
It’s awesome.

Packaging Design

If anything has to stand out from the crowd, it’s the packaging. I’m probably the only person who gets a kick out of the nutrition info panel and bar code. And then there’s the thrill of picking the products I design off the shelf.
Talk about eating your words; I eat my designs.

Growing up

Growing up I did a lot of volunteer work. The relationship part of volunteering feels so good. So when I’m asked to volunteer my services it feels like – yesterday. Here are some samples of my volunteering work. Don’t get me wrong, voluntary work does not mean inferior. Not at all. It just means a good deed. It means you are part of a group – be that the community, your family or friends.
Enjoy the tour:)